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Business Yoga: The precious break that brings joy and strength.

All work no Yoga makes the back hurt. ©

Business yoga is becoming increasingly popular with employees and employers alike. The body is trained with special yoga exercises, but not strained. The mind relaxes, well-being and performance increase noticeably.

The Benefits of Business Yoga with Anjuly:

  • reduce stress symptoms.
  • prevent back problems.
  • counteract corporal tunnel syndrome.
  • reduce susceptibility to disease.
  • increase energy levels and performance.

Anjuly tunes the program to your needs and integrates as needed, for example, exercises in sedentary activities, relaxation exercises and other healing methods and more.

Anjuly conducts the course on-site at the company, eg during lunch break.

Get in touch and find out about the individual possibilities of business yoga with Anjuly.

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