Yoga is a conversation with yourself. ©
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Yoga is a conversation with yourself. ©

Yoga is a conversation with yourself. ©

As long as I can remember yoga has always been part of my life. I grew up in a traditional middle class Indian family, my mother Tripta Bhanot is a well know yoga teacher in India,  six of my seven siblings are internationally acclaimed yoga teachers.

Where my Indian roots equipped me with the vedic yogic knowledge, my travels and extended stays in Uganda, Burundi, Syria and Tunisia gave me a deep understanding of human behavior. The insights into the cultural diversity and the uniqueness of each individual has further strengthened my competence as a coach and mentor. My ability to speak seven languages has been vital in understanding, that despite the lingual, geographical and cultural boundaries, most people are facing the same physical and emotional challenges; therefore, a holistic approach is the only solution to all suffering in the world.

I am convinced that difficult situations in life are helpful and necessary; their true meaning is at best revealed afterwards. My personal experiences have shown, that yoga is a tool that helps channel a wide range of emotions as compared to most other sports activities, which focus merely on anger and frustration. This is where yoga can help to get in touch with those undiscovered yet vital feelings.

Yoga gives my life a clear direction and connects me with the true purpose of my being: to pass on my knowledge and to share with the world, that is close to my heart. 

My Yoga Style

When you find the inner balance and alignment that is when Yog happens to you. Until then you can continue with your asana practices. ©

There are many different forms of yoga that have a very specific character depending upon the individual style of the teacher. In my case various elements are combined: thanks to my family and Indian upbringing I have a traditional and inherent understanding of yoga. However, I also carry the urge to understand my world scientifically, hence I try and look behind the curtains and analyze the science behind yoga and its impact on the human organism. Being a Reiki master and life-balance-coach further aspects are added to my technique and way of teaching. In my classes I might give you a certain task that has nothing to do with the classical Yogasanas, but aims to enhance your breath awareness, recognize a behavior pattern or build up on your social competence. Sometimes stepping back brings us a step closer to our bigger aims.

My Teaching

When you nourish your soul with positive thoughts, your entire being flourishes. ©

My classes are not about powering you out, making you more flexible or burning calories; they rather aim at the holistic well being of the participants. Psychic and physical health are but the two sides of the same coin. Notwithstanding that an improved body posture, enhanced flexibility and overall well being are achieved sustainably, when practicing yoga on a regular basis. In addition to that, in my courses you work on the most important relationship of your life, that is the relationship with yourself. Learning how to reach a more loving, stress-free handling of your thoughts, better grip over and outlets for your emotions can be vital to take a break from your daily life and wind down. By understanding how yoga affects the hormon and the nervous systems, one can attain a balance between the sympathetic and para sympathetic body systems and thereby boost the health, happiness and vitality. My teachings on the mat are meant to provide you with ways and possibilities to adapt to a yogic way of life, that goes far beyond your time and practice in the Studio.

I weave my classes around the needs of my clients. In every session I ask about the current important issues or their requirements and encourage them to share their wishes and expectations form the class. Complete privacy is assured, if they choose to call me and share their concerns outside the class. My classes are structured in a classical way: We begin with a short meditation and /or pranayama, continue with specific asanas that are suitable for the present students and end up with the final relaxation, using techniques such as Yoga Nidra and singing bowls that support the relaxation and clear blockages.

No one is forced to do anything in the sessions yet allowed to try everything. Fear and intimidation are dealt with understanding and encouragement. Uniqueness of every person is celebrated while each one is fortified to outperform the old version of oneself. My teaching is about staying present and focusing on the practice and by doing so distancing oneself from the worries and challenges of daily life.

I would like to invite you to get involved with yoga and experience it at least once. If you have any questions, I will be happy to guide you to your answers!

Yoga Life balance. Your way to balance, well being and happiness.
Eyes are meant to distract you, you don’t really need to see, all you need to do, is feel. ©

Positive thinking, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle: These are the simple ingredients for a satisfying, happy life. For many of us, though, it is hard to find the right balance in our hectic daily life with all its personal and professional challenges.

This is why I came up the idea od Yoga-Lifebalance. Combining yoga with several reliable techniques and instruments like meditation, reiki, pranayama, visualization and relaxation I use the resources from my Indian background, European studies and the experiences from living in Maghreb and Africa.

Whether you are looking for your inner haven of peace, facing difficult decisions, depression or burn-out, feel overstrained or insecure, suffering from love blues or are simply looking for an open and understanding listener: Studio Yoganjuly and Yoga Lifebalance are here for you.

I believe in rendering the tradition of yoga in a harmonious way to the European world and reality. The concept of Yoga Lifebalance comprises offers for groups, individuals and corporates, always attuned to the specific situation and needs. You may feel free to contact me one on one coaching sessions.

Get in touch and arrange a non-committal meeting or a yoga class at Studio Yoganjuly!

Discover a balanced life!
Yoga is not about how perfectly you can twist and turn your body, but about how easily you can connect to your soul. ©

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