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Yoganjuly Assistant Teachers:

Yoganjuly provides the opportunity to its graduates to assist in every possible yoga teaching organized by Yoganjuly.
The assistant teachers are the ones who have already gone through the process and help making the bridge between the teachers and students. They are a part of the Continuous Education Program (CEP). We encourage them to grow with us and be a part of this beautiful journey. Each course will have 2 to 3 assistant teachers along with the main teachers. Yoganjuly visiting teachers, in order to give exposure to different related disciplines, Yoganjuly invites the guest teachers to teach one or two sessions according to their known fields and expertise. It can be in the field of Yoga or related fields.
For example the last courses have experienced some lectures and tips on Shiatsu, Chavuti thirumal, refloxology, kallari and different style of Yoga from their local expert and known teachers.

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