Healthy Back Yoga (not only for moms with babys)

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Healthy Back Yoga (not only for moms with babys)

Studio: Studio Yoganjuly

  • 07 Jan 2020 To 28 Apr 2020
  • Tuesday @ 10.00 - 11.30
  • Studio Yoganjuly, Kessenicher Strasse 228 53129 Bonn
  • +49 162 40 56 931 (Anjuly Rudolph)
    • 20.00€
    • Ex Tax: 20.00€

    „A person without honesty is ... read more

    „A person without honesty is like a vehicle without axle - immovable and unworkable“ - Konfuzius

 Backache is the suffering number one in Germany and one of the most frequently used reasons to visit a doctor. Pain is always a wake up call from our body and Yoga is not only a good idea at this point, but also a very adequate therapeutic method, no matter if the reason is a physical one (such as an injury, a deformity or a malposition) or psychosomatically!

Our spine helps us to stay straight, to twist or to bend over, the spinal cord as part of our central nervous system goes aside and on an energetic view we find the 7 main chakras thereon - so she is in every way the center all is turning around. So let us give her the well-deserved attention and support with Yoga - the maintenance of health not only of our back. Best time for it will be in the morning.

So if we want to go upright through our life, we need a strong back in every aspect! Fun and pleasure at this Yoga-sequence shouldn’t be missing of course.

In this morning class mothers accompanied by their babies are also cordially welcomed. Therefore, the asanas are not only beneficial for the back but also meet the needs of women in their postnatal phase.

Teachers in this course are Charlotte, Renate and Lene, all mothers and experienced yogis who are happy to help and assist you and have a relaxed time of wellbeing.

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