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Positive energy through participating coaching.

Yoga is the art of taking balance and flexibility from the mat into the life"   
Life presents us with different challenges. Be it private, professional or health. Anjuly is at your disposal with her comprehensive education of heart and mind. In her coaching she naturally uses her in-depth knowledge of Yoga and Reiki / Energy Healing, for example. Anjuly is also a QSCA (Law of attraction) coach and trained in the Silva Mind Method.

The individual needs and issues of the individual or group determine the way Anjuly approaches you.

  • Experience the positive personality development.
  • Experience balance and harmony in life.
  • Find yourself and rediscover yourself.
  • Love and accept oneself.
  • Feel self-esteem.
  • Set and achieve goals.
  • Plant good luck.
  • Create the desired life through creativity.

... and whatever else, that is good for you!

Just get in touch . Anjuly is there for you and advises you on the possibilities of coaching. Also, if you want to give away an appropriate Anjuly voucher.

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