Yoga Lifebalance. Your way to balance, well-being and happiness

Yoga Lifebalance. Your way to balance, well-being and happiness

Positive thinking, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle: these are the simple ingredients for a happy and contented life. However, many of us find it difficult to find the right balance in hectic, professional and private everyday life!

Against this backdrop, Anjuly has developed her Yoga Lifebalance offer. Based on the teachings of her Indian homeland, European studies and her stages of life in the Maghreb and in Africa, she combines a proven selection of techniques and instruments based on yoga, from meditation to Reiki and Pranayama to Indian cuisine.

Whether you are looking for your inner peace, facing difficult decisions, wanting to overcome dejection and burnout, feeling overwhelmed or unsure, having heartache or simply looking for an open, intelligent ear: Anjuly is at your side with Yoga Lifebalance.

Anjuly comes from a family of well-known Indian yogis and translates the tradition of yoga harmoniously into the European world and reality.
Their concept of yoga lifebalance includes offers for groups, individuals and businesses. Individually designed for the situation and needs - right through to individual coaching.

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Yoga Lifebalance

Yoga Lifebalance

Our modern everyday life is often characterized by work overload, emotional stress, anxiety and worry. We are connected via modern technologies like never before, many still feel uprooted and alone. Because the most important connection is covered: that to ourselves.


Yoga Courses

Yoga. Physical exercises for physical well-being.

  • The body functions reach a perfect balance
  • The hormone balance is balanced
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Smooth function of the joints
  • Just a lot of energy!

Yoga Workshops

Pranayama: Awaken new energies with proper breathing

  • Breathe consciously & in your own rhythm
  • Exploit the potential of the lungs
  • Better concentration
  • Vitality and mental clarity
  • Mental well-being through true relaxation
Indian Cooking

Yoga Trainings

proper nutrition for improved physical and emotional health

  • Especially compatible
  • Promotes a healthy digestive system
  • Awakens the spirits and frees from lethargy
  • Yoga suggests a vegetarian diet
  • Pronounced effect on body and mind
Reiki & Energy Work

Coaching und Hypnosis

Reiki promotes healing by improving the flow of energy

  • Reiki healings and massages
  • Reiki Workshop and Inauguration
  • Chakra healing
  • Energy meditations
  • Place cards

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Feel the students

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