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Your mat is your space to connect with the divine, that resides in you. ©

The studio Yoganjuly in Bonn welcomes you with its warm atmosphere and lots of elaborate details. Enjoying a tea in the kitchen or the lounge you can have a chat with each other, watch the colorful pictures on the walls that Anjuly has painted herself and discover the authentic arts and craft that she collected throughout her travels and stays all over the world. The studio and its setup show that this is a place where you won’t find yoga off the shelf but very authentic teachers, all with their very individual style.

Up to 30 students find place in the big shala and 12 students can practice in the smaller room. When the weather is nice you might also practice in the courtyard.

„When I first saw the location I was shocked“, a student told us. She couldn’t imagine that it was possible to transform the basement room into a beautiful yoga studio. “But when I saw how Anjuly took up the challenge and that she managed to change this empty and dark room into a place full of calm and inner power with her love and creativity I understood that this attitude is also yoga.”

If you want to get an impression of the studio you can find some pictures here. Of course, we would also be pleased to have you in the studio for a visit and perhaps for a trial class. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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